How to change language in mac office 2011

In this article we'll show you how to get Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other Office apps to work in the language, or languages, that you want to work in. There are three basic areas in Microsoft Office where you may want to change the language. Proofing - On Android you can.
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This will not trigger the spell checker after you select the language.

Microsoft Office 2016 v15.17.0 - Mac (all languages) ITA

Finally, you have the option of selecting a default language. PowerPoint will trigger the following warning, as this setting will alter not only the behaviour of your presentation but also the proceeding ones:. PowerPoint opens a complete menu that allows the user to customize PowerPoint use of languages and dictionaries. This menu has the same effect as the one described in Step 2 with the difference that also allows configuration of keyboard layout and default language, all in the same window.

Micosoft Office for Mac-change installed language

The user is able to configure language priorities through the preference order in the list. Once the Spell Checker is triggered, the engine will review the Presentation Text Boxes, looking for grammar or spelling mistakes in the configured language. A Popup will appear with the list of available proofing languages installed. As in the Windows version, this proofing language will apply for the selections you made previously Text boxes, Slides or whole presentation.

Language Pack Office 2011 Mac

Once the language is selected the user can trigger the Spell Check Through the tools Menu. The actions are almost the same in both PowerPoint versions, but not having the option in the Review Ribbon has proven to be confusing for some users, and that why we prefer to make the clarification. The tools is so powerful that allows several proofing languages in the same presentation. Make sure to have the required proofing dictionaries installed. Reinstalling Office on your Mac is a simple and straightforward process, although it is slightly different depending on whether you initially purchased a hard copy of the program on disk or installed it through a download.

Before you begin the reinstallation process, find your digit product key. If you bought Office in a hardcopy form with disks , this will be on the back of your disk case or inside the box.

Use a shortcut to switch between languages:

If you previously purchased the program online and downloaded it, the code will be in your confirmation email. If you are having trouble locating the key, call customer service immediately. There may be some programs that can help recover the key on your computer. Otherwise, there is no other option than to buy a new version of Office for Mac.

After you have found your product key, close all the applications that are still open on your Mac and save all your progress. To make sure you have quit an application, go to the top tool bar while the program is still open.

Click on the name of the application, which should be right next to the File menu. You can then click Quit. If the program is frozen, use the Force Quit option.

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Quit all programs, but note that you cannot quit Finder. Click Install to continue with the installation process. Alternatively, you can click Change Install Location if you wish to install Office on another drive on your computer. Or, you can click Customize to remove parts of Office such as Office Fonts, Dock Icons, or Microsoft Messenger you no longer want on your computer, or else to add these previously removed parts back.

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The installation will begin at this point. Next, click on Tools in the top menu and then click on Accounts Click on the Advanced -button located in the lower right corner of the dialogue box. If you want to delete an account, click on Tools in the top menu and click on Accounts. Then click the minus - -button in the lower left corner, and click on the Delete -button in the dialogue box to confirm.

If you are trying to write an e-mail, and get an error message telling you that A secure connection cannot be established with the server imap.

Configuring The Check Spelling Language in PowerPoint 2013

You can solve the problem by clicking on Tools in the top menu and then click on Accounts. In the window that appears, select your account, and make sure that the Incoming server -field says imap.

If you experience problems with the setup of your account, it would help us if you make screen captures of your settings, and any error messages you might get, and send these to our support so they can help you find a solution. You can also check the error log within the application, by clicking on Window in the top menu and then click on Error Log. You will now get an overview of errors logged by the application. Information from the log can be useful when you contact us, if you experience any problems. Step 3: Enter your account information Enter the e-mail address you want to set up in the field E-mail address , and its password in the field Password.

In the expanded window please enter the following information for your account: E-mail address: Enter the e-mail address you want to add, in this example "name example. User name: name example. When you have entered all the information, click on Add Account. Step 4: Enter a name and description Enter a name in the Account description -field that describes your account.